was created on May 11, 2004 from an idea Daniel Kamerman (DannyBoy) had on another forum to stop the spread of misinformation about the second generation Neon. At that time I put the idea into reality by creating a forum on my home web server for second generation Neon owners to unite. For the first five days, the site took off by word of mouth.

The forum soon outgrew the bandwidth my home server was able handle, and I was forced to shut it down. Even after a mere five days of the site being up, so many people sent me messages asking why it had gone down, and to please bring it back up. Roughly one month after I had shut it down on my home server, 2GN.ORG was purchased. The site has been going ever since.

All of the 2GN.ORG staff and myself are fully devoted to helping the users. They are what make the site, and have made what 2GN.ORG is today: an online community where everybody knows your name, and is always happy to welcome a new face.

- Jason Day aka Diablo0
2GN Founder


copyright 2005, jason d.